Like the legendary editor Maxwell Perkins, renown for his ability to elicit the very best from his writers, my goal is to help you write the very best novel, short story, memoir or proposal. To this end, I will provide criticism that is both constructive and honest. I will guide you through the process so that your work is ready for publication.
What I do:
  • Edit fiction or nonfiction, including first novels and memoirs
  • Ghostwrite authors’ fiction and nonfiction manuscripts
  • Edit nonfiction proposals
  • Assist with the writing and revision of query letters and synopses to agents and publishers
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As a ghostwriter, my main objective is to help you fully realize the book you have in mind. In this process, I never lose sight of the fact that you are the author and conceiver, while I am just enabling your work to come to fruition. My job is to get you to bring your work to the next level. My job is to help you write a book that is ready for publication.

My experience
I have done everything you can think of: rewritten openings, restructured novels, dramatized scenes, written scenes, increased suspense and fleshed out characters. I have more than twenty years experience editing the work of both successful authors and aspiring writers. In addition to editing for more than twenty years, I have been teaching writing to college students, short story writers and non fiction authors. Presently, I teach at Montclair State University in New Jersey and The Fiction Center in New York City.

Why I’m different…
Ghost writing can be very expensive. Some ghostwriters charge $60,000 dollars or more for a manuscript.
  • I understand that most people have limited budgets so I charge for my services by the hour. This enables me to charge a reasonable fee.
  • I document the time I spend on your project. (You can be confident that I’m an honest and reliable professional.)
  • I’m happy to work out a schedule of payment that fits your budget

Please contact me with any questions. I’m very easy to talk with and will respond very quickly.
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As an editor, I will read your fiction or non-fiction manuscript and give you advice on how to strengthen your book so that it has the very best chance of getting published. This advice will take the form of a letter in which I will detail how you can strengthen manuscript. I will focus on issues of structure, progression, characterization, dramatic tension and style.

My experience
I have more than twenty years experience editing the work of both successful and aspiring writers. In addition to editing, for more than twenty years, I have been teaching writing to college students, short story writers, nonfiction authors and novelists both in the classroom and online.

Why I’m different…
  • My fees are very reasonable.
  • I’m extremely quick and will get your manuscript back to you within two weeks.
  • E-mail exchanges and phone conversations are free.
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“Sasha Troyan is an editorial (and literary) treasure.  Her critique showed me exactly where my novel was working and where it wasn't, and she provided inspiring, heartening, acute guidance on how to shape my book.  In fact, her suggestions have become touchstones of mine over the years.  She awoke in me an understanding of how to propel my story forward, create indelible characters, and allow myself to write what I most crave to write.  I still reflect on her incisive and infinitely kind critique."

—Bonnie Friedman. author of Writing Past Dark (Harper Collins) and The Thief of Happiness (Beacon)

“Sasha Troyan is an extraordinarily perceptive editor. A gifted novelist and musician, she has an eye for the overall arc of a novel as well as an ear for its sentence-by-sentence cadence. In my personal development as a writer, there has been no more trusted mentor and guide than Sasha Troyan.”

—Tess Callahan, author of April and Oliver (Grand Central Publishing)

"Sasha Troyan is a whip smart editor. She has a keen eye for detail and a real sense of what makes a novel work."

—Naomi Rand, author of The One That Got Away

"Sasha Troyan is a wonderful, patient, kind and judicious editor who helped us with the final draft of our novel, Amon’s Horn. Sasha immediately grasped what we intended to achieve; an exciting story that revolves around neuroscience. Sasha not only helped us edit the novel, but she also helped us develop the characters and the plot. For our next novel, we will start working with Sasha even before we begin the actual writing. Thank you, Sasha, for the great writing adventure we had with you!"

—Christine and Pierre Magistretti, authors of Amon’s Horn

"Sasha Troyan is a superb editor who edits with a novelist's keen eye for detail and intuitive sense of structure. Sasha also has a knack for determining what a manuscript -- any manuscript -- needs, and for coming up with solutions to seemingly intractable problems. She saved my first novel from becoming too unwieldy while honoring my sense of what needed to remain. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I'm rushing to finish my second novel so that I can send it her way!"

—Julie Abbruscato, author of Memory Palace

"While writing my third novel, I called on Sasha to edit it. I knew I had the characters, the voice, and the conflict, but she saw where it needed the most direction: plot and scene. Sasha guided me on where the novel would be much more compelling with less ruminating on the part of the protagonist and more doing. She would show me where to slow down the action, where I should consider cutting. One of my biggest concerns had been voice and character, and she gave me the stamp of approval on those—which was major in getting me to go ahead and rewrite. I finished the novel this summer, and it is much more character and plot–driven; in other words, it is a real novel now, thanks to her brilliant insights, and I am proud of the finished product!"

—Susan Saiter Sullivan, author of U in the Hamptons

"I approached Sasha Troyan with a complicated novel that had become unmanageable.  She, with precision, kindness and speed, deconstructed the parts so I could see them clearly.   With her notes in hand like knots on a rope, and provocative, challenging questions to ponder, she helped me discern order in what had become chaos. Thank you, Sasha."

Eliza Walton, author of The Therapist’s Friend